Made for the Weekly Game Jam #143

The pirates are coming down the rivers to attack your lighthouse ! Place your towers to defend yourself against waves of enemy ships ! Can you survive ?


  • Click on a tower in your shop to buy it and add it to your bench
  • Drag the tower from your bench to the grid so that it starts shooting the enemy ships
  • Killing enemy ships will grant you money to buy more towers
  • If you have 3 towers of the same type on your bench or your board, they will combine into a bigger, "stronger" tower
  • Once your shop is empty, you can spend some money to refresh it
  • You can right click on a tower to see its stats

Antoine OLIVIER -
Bernard LAMBERT -
Monique LAMBERT -
Noémie CARON -


Peter Crowley -


Download 30 MB


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A surprising amount of depth in this tower defense game! Combining towers and refreshing shop is definitely really cool. And having the functionality like pausing and speeding up the game is really nice to have. The game is a bit easy though, I was not worrying about money or the enemies into the 3rd wave.

Thanks for the feedback! We are currently looking for a way to balance our game even more :)